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R&D Facilities

R&D Facilities

FacilitiesSpecifications · ExplanationQuantity
Extruder (Single) Single screw, 60mm 1
Extruder (Twin) Twin screw, 58mm 1
Super Mixer To mix ingredients for research 2
Sheet Extruder Extrude film for research 1
Hot Press Sample production. Pressure 15Mpa 2
Injection Machine Sample production, 25 ton 3
Dryer To dry experiment sample and materials 1
Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Physical experiment of samples 1
Izod impact tester To test Impact strength 1
Melt Flow Measurer Measure Melt flow index, temperature:~350℃ 2
Color Difference Meter Measure Color difference, wavelength range: 360~740nm 1
Thermo-hygrostat -50~150℃, 30~98% 1
Water tank 5~150℃ 1
UV spectrophotometer Measurable wavelength: 190~1100nm 1
Small vacuum pump Ventilating volume: 85 liter/min 1
Moisture Measuring Instrument Measurable weight: 0.1~310g 2
PH Measuring Instrument Measurable: -2.00~14.00pH 1
Gravimeter Measurable weight: 0.05~110g 1
Microscope Magnification 40~1000X 1