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Weatherability Compound


Weatherability Compound

Weatherability Compound is produced by mixing weatherable pigments and additives to weatherable resins (ASA, PMMA) and fundamentally solves the weatherability problems. It is usually applied to construction products and outdoor products.

Advantages of Weatherability Compound
  • Weatherability and chemical-resistance is superb.
  • Product’s impact resistance is outstanding.
  • With great fluidity, co-extrusion layer can be molded thinly and the extrusion molding process is efficient.
  • With good dispersion, outer color is vivid.
  • Co-extruded products are only colored 0.2~0.3mm think surface, production cost in coloring is reduced.
  • Compared to wrapping products, production process is more simple and reduces defectives and production cost.
  • It can express different color, luxurious and various textures.
  • Matt, Metallic, Embossed, and Wood-pattern products are also possible.

Construction Products: Window profiles, Door profiles, Door, Moldings, Sidings, Blinder, Vertical, Floorings, etc.
Foaming Products: Foam doors, Moldings, Blinder, Vertical, Furnitures

Applicable Resins


Applicable Colors