Human is the Future.

Green developing Company thinking of
both Human and the environment

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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

" Development of new materials with human and
eco-friendliness Futuristic Green-developing Company
with the customer’ trust. "


In 21st century, there is a great demand for improvement in the Earth’s environment due to the climate change by emission of greenhouse gas.

We, Doil Ecotec is providing the best quality products to Korea’s plastic industry and with its long technological know-hows with Functional masterbatch and Compounds since 1990, have different compounding technologies.

With the know-hows and constant R&D, in 2010, Doil entered Bioplastic material industry and Wood Plastic Composites(WPC) and Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites(NFRC) are our main biomass compounded products, applied for extruded products, injection products, blow-molding products with it outstanding physical properties.

By recycling the usually disposed natural biomass (wood flour, wheat husks, coffee, coconut bark, maize peel, eggshells, etc.) and reducing crude oil products, we have to reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide.

We Doil Ecotec will continue to research and develop on bioplastic products and become the trustworthy and futuristic green developing company. Please look forward of us with deep affection and interests.

CEO,   Seung tae Lee